Frontier Bus Hire

The aim of this project was to replace an expensive, ancient Yell website with a light, fast, and optimised site.

The original site

The new site was built using Gatsby, taking advantage of Netlify CMS to fulfil a client request to have an easy way to add new content such as fleet photos.

I focused on keeping the web as clean a light as possible as the audience are usually needing one thing: a contact.

Home page on desktop

The top of the site has a call to action to lead to several contact options including a phone number, email, Facebook Messenger and dynamic form for users to submit. Rather than the previous generic form, this form is designed to capture all the information needed for Frontier to return as quickly as possible with a quote.

Contact page on mobile

The end result was a great success with a huge increase in quote requests via the form, aided by a very fast website which gets a full 100 score on Lighthouse!

100 across the board on Lighthouse

Another major goal and subsequent success was SEO. The site is the top result when search for "bus hire newry", Frontier's home town.

Top of Google search