Band Artwork

I've played in several bands over the years on bass guitar. Being in a band is great experience for more than just playing music. There's writing, marketing, merchandise, photography, videography, live audio engineering, studio audio engineering, teamwork, public speaking, management, and so much more.

Of course, a lot of that work is a learning experience without fruit to bear - or at least fruit to pick. However, I am ocassionally proud of what I've produced. You'll have to go digging if you want to hear the music though...

The Shout EP Cover. Digital edit of an astronaut letting sand run through his fingers.
Front cover of The Shout EP. This was also me experimenting with Glitch Art.
Back cover of The Shout EP. Your choice if you want to see if those links still work.
Promotional image to promote new style and lineup. Even though I'm in it, I did shoot the photo (Tripod and remote).
This is the cover of the first EP I ever recorded (around 2009). It's probably the first thing I ever designed that was professionally mass printed.